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Model # TBW #2

To return again for that which you have left, and receive it with great joy and blessings is the meaning of Sankofa. This beautifully hand carved Sankofa Unity bowl brings together the bond of family, gatherings and sharing. A wonderful piece to set as a display on the table as you, and your family reunite and share a meal.

Hand carved and beautifully decorated with Adinkra symbols. Made of Mahogany wood from non endangered trees. Attention to details are skillfully done and no two bowls are exactly alike.

**Not for use with liquids, or hot cooked foods.


NB: This product is a wholesale product and it's minimum order is only per a dozen (12) pieces only.

Sankofa Serving Bowl

SKU: ModelTBW2
  • Model # TBW 2 Material: Mahogany Wood Size: 9" x 4" ** Government approved and authorized wood. Not made from endangered trees. Cobi Show Kase supports Eco Friendly environments and Go Green initiatives. **Not suitable for hot cooked foods, or liquids nor moisture creating consumables.
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