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About Us

It all began with a vision which was seen through only the eyes of Master Craftsman Opoku Biney and a small stall shop located on the hillside road of Aburi Ghana, West Africa. Situated among several shops from roadside junction Cobi Show Kase Enterprise began to navigate towards a household name. Since then, Cobi Show Kase has revolutionized the art of hand crafting and workmanship worldwide by offering authentic, quality and unique pieces of African art that you will not see anywhere else. After sixteen years the company continues to expand from exporting throughout the UK and African regions to managing at a local  American based location and brand that seeks to provide beautiful quality handmade and authentic African Art for diverse customers throughout the world.


Cobi Show Kase Enterprise has several locations which include: Tema area, Europe and our US location in Austin, Texas.   We provide products and services to accommodate a lot of visiting tourists.



Stay tuned for the launching of our new direct catalog order operation.  We will soon be offering wholesale purchasing for resellers.


Cobi Show Kase Enterprise sells:


Kwanzaa Kinaras, decorative tables, home essentials items, baskets, Ashanti stools, African Apparel, Bolga baskets, traditional Lazy Chairs, and much more.    Cobi Show Kase Enterprise anticipates future exhibitions and new locations in the future


Cobi Show Kase Enterprise® is a registered trademarked Enterprise, Establishment and Brand, established to promote, provide and distribute authentic handcrafted African products throughout the global community.  


Cobi Show Kase Enterprise is incomparable because we all products are manufactured onsite and they are 100% hand crafted. Each piece is intricately carved, precisely sand, colorized and polished by individual artisans, creating a most unique piece of work.  The craftsmanship, quality and integrity of our work is displayed in each piece, providing ultimate customer satisfaction.

Each hand crafted design and item is produced from carefully selected, and high quality woods.  The wood used for producing our marvelous pieces, are not taken from any endangered trees, as Cobi Show Kase Enterprise supports a "Go Green Environment." Therefore, all of our high quality woods are purchased from government authorized providers. 

As of January 2014 each piece produced will display the Adkinkra symbol “AYA” which is our company trademark. Each product received includes a Certificate of Authenticity with signatures of Master Craftsman Mr. Opoku Biney as well as other craftsmen who have made our business and products a success.


Due to the creative nature of our staff we will provide limited edition series representing artistic expressions for the global community.  The items in these series are numbered and a Certificate of Authenticity which will be hand signed by our Master Craftsman will be included. Because these items will be limited in quantity it is recommended make your purchase(s) while products are still available. 

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