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Model# STH 2

Beautifully woven,this straw hat is made in traditional weaving style of three strands. Using the same material, "Elephant Grass" and the same technique as that of the traditional Bolga Baskets, this hat is as durable as it is beautiful.

Innately designed with neck drawstring and belted pattern around the center and color trim on brim, the creative craftsmanship is depicted as a treasure of the region. Because each are 100% handmade, the designs are unique as per each artisan, making the final products slightly different from the next.

**Let us choose for you! Each is as beautifully created as the image above.

 3 - 7 DAYS


Fulani Sun Hat

SKU: ModelSTH2
  • Model# STH 1 Material: Elephant Grass Size: One Size Fits All **Government approved and authorized. No fields, farms, grasslands or preserves were disturbed in the creation of this product. *Cobi Show Kase Enterprise support Eco Preservation.
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