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Model # Afs - 9

The rise to success is depicted in this piece "Heaven Helps" as the lift up of another leads to ultimate success for all. Hand carved and made of Osesa wood, this piece reflects the importance of faith, and additional supports from those around us.

Carved in the Aburi region of Ghana, West Africa this details etched in this work is reflective of the skill and talents of the artisans in the region. A beautiful piece to decorate any home.

NB: This product is a wholesale product and it's minimum order is only per a dozen (12) 

no shippment fees included.

Heaven Helps Those Who Help Them Self

SKU: ModelAfs-9
  • Model # Afs -9 Size: 18" H X 7" W x 1.5" D Material: Ebony Wood ** Government approved wood. Not made from endangered trees.
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