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Model # Afs-11

This piece "Global Meditation" shows the strength of a man as he takes hold of the world around him and meditates on his directions in life. Clutching the world in his hands, this beautiful piece is carved from Osese wood and is one continuous piece.

Hand carved in Ghana West Africa the region of Abrui. The this sculpture depicts the talents and unique craftsmanship of this region. Finely polished in traditional style, this will be a welcome piece to your home decor.

NB: This product is a wholesale product and it's minimum order is only per a dozen (12)

no shippment fees included.

Global Meditation

SKU: ModelAfs-11
  • Model # Afs-11 *Size: 14" H x 6" W x 3" D *Material: Osese Wood * Government approved wood (not carved from endangered wood)
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