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Model # LC-2

Lazy chairs, also known as "Ekurasi" meaning village, where customary for royalty and commoner alike. This simple but beautiful lazy chair is carved from traditional Odom wood and sealed to protection by traditional polishing methods.
The chair is made of two supporting pieces of wood which provide comfort and lounging ease.

Masterfully detailed depicting the beauty of the "Giraffe",polish in different hues, this piece of functional furniture creates a most sophisticated addition for any room in the home, while adding a complimenting piece of art to be admired.

NB: This product is a wholesale product and it's minimum order is only per a dozen (12) pieces only.

Giraffe Sleeping Lazy Chair

SKU: ModelLC-2
  • Model #LC 2 Material: Odom Wood Size: 41 L x 17 w x 1 D *measurements in inches *Government approved and authorized wood. NOT made from endangered trees.
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