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VIP Member Collection

Welcome to Cobi Show Kase Enterprise VIP Collection!

Thank you for joining our member family! As a Cobi Show Kase VIP, you have the honor and privilege to shop in our VIP Lounge and purchase some of our most exclusive series edition carvings. Each VIP piece is designed for  our limited edition series, making them quite rare once the series has been closed, and all pieces purchased.  So, it is advised that you make your purchases while available.  

*A certificate of authenticity accompanies each finely crafted piece, and is also hand numbered and signed by our Master Craftsman Mr. Opoku Biney. 

In our VIP LOUNGE, you will find that all exclusive  hand crafted pieces are set aside specifically for you, our VIP Member.  These pieces are not readily available to non members.   The benefits of  your VIP Membership give you a variety of benefits and pleasantries. Your VIP Membership entitles you to


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