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Model # Alc-12

The beauty of collective conscientiousness is seen in this hand carved work of art. "Trinity"-The power in 3 Head(Mind, Body and Spirit)working together to achieve a common goal, balances the bowl of unity. This sculpture, represents the strength and power of working as one being in order to support many. This can only be done with unity of sharing one heart, mind and spirit.

This piece is made of Osese wood and crafted by the artisans of Aburi Ghana, West Africa. Finely crafted with several joined collective thinkers. This piece is decorative for display, and also very functional.

NB: This product is a wholesale product and it's minimum order is only per a dozen (12)

no shippment fees included.

Unity Heads

SKU: ModelAlc-12
  • Model # Alc-12 Material: Cedar Wood Colors: Natural, Brown, Black **Government approved and authorized wood. NOT made from endangered trees.
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