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Model # Alc-8

This pair of Ashanti traditional mask, used in ancestral rites, depicts two striking images of male and female visages. Used to serve as an abode for the spirit of deceased loved ones, or memorials to those who have passed on.

These beautifully carved figures are made from Osese wood, in Ghana West Africa. In time past,in the Ashanti Kingdom, they were considered and served as intermediaries through which the ancestors are contacted .

NB: This product is a wholesale product and it's minimum order is only per a dozen (12)

no shippment fees included.

Traditional Chief and Queen (Pair)

SKU: ModelAlc-8
  • Model # Alc-8 Material: Osese Wood Size: 17" H X 6.18" W x 3.15" D **Government approved and authorized wood. NOT made for endangered trees.
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