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This beautifully woven Bolga Moses Baby basket, is made by the skilled basket makers of Ghana, in the Northern Region. Made with local "elephant grass" and finely braided leather handle, this bag is extremely beautiful as well as durable for carrying baby's.

Serving multi-purposes the beauty of this Moses Basket,is that it can be hosed down if dirty or needing reshaping. and care instructions are included.
Great size for baby's and pet bed.

When making your purchase, please keep in mind that you have the option to select the product image,or allow us to select your basket and save you 10% off the purchase price.
Because of the intricacy of this bag, these style of baskets bags take much longer to weave than the market baskets. Each bag is unique in style and design and no two are exactly alike.


NB: This product is a wholesale product and it's minimum order is only per a dozen (12) pieces only.



  • Approximate Size: 30" long by 16" wide by 11" tall by 8" tall on the sides.
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