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Model #OWT004

Exquisitely carved with the Adinkra symbol this "Oware" game table is as functional as it is beautiful. Steeped in cultural tradition, oware has been a game played across the African continent by royalty and commoner alike. It is known by many different names.

Hand carved in Ghana West Africa, this table represents the skilled craftsmanship of the artisans of the region. It also depicts the love of social gatherings and traditional values. This piece is as functional as it is beautiful. Not only is it a great art and conversation piece, but it will bring much pleasure to your family and your guest.

Gye Nyame Mancala Oware Table

SKU: ModelOWT004
  • Model OWT#002 Material: Mahogany wood Large : H17 x L22 x W10 inches Small : H14 x L21 x W8 inches Country of Origin: Ghana West Africa *Game comes with Bonduc Seeds and Rule book for playing **Game Not suitable for small children as seeds could be swallowed. **Government authorized wood. NOT created from endangered trees.
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