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This beautifully hand made Black & White Djembe Drum is made from the highest quality of Ghanaian wood, well treated skin and nylon. This Black & White Djembe, was made by an Artisan in Cobi show kase Ghana.


This well designed Black & White Djembe Drum is siutable for musical purposes and produces very quality and authentic sound.




  • SMALL: 45 - 47CM, DIA 24 - 26CM 10 INCHE, 4MM STRING

    MEDIUM : 55 - 57CM, DIA 29 - 31CM 11INCHE, 5MM STRING

    LARGE : 59 - 61CM, DIA 30 - 32CM 12INCH, 5MM STRING

    XLARGE: 63 - 65CM, DIA 32 - 34CM, 13INCH, 5MM STRING 

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